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UPS Appoints Juan R. Perez Chief Information Officer As Dave Barnes Announces Retirement

US 03/31/16Atlanta, GAUPS® (NYSE:UPS) today announced Juan R. Perez, is named Chief Information Officer effective April 1, replacing Chief Information and Global Business Services Officer Dave Barnes, who elected to retire after 38 years with the company. “His contributions to UPS have led to greater efficiencies in operations, enhancements to customer service and reductions in environmental impact. In addition, he has been responsible for Global Business Services which includes shared services support for human resources, accounting, procurement, and customer contact centers. Dave Barnes began his UPS career in St. Louis, MO as a part-time package loader in 1977. Perez also worked with the IT team that developed the On-Road Integrated Optimization and Navigation (ORION) system used by UPS operations to optimize delivery routes to improve service and efficiency.

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UPS Launches #BAGS4BIRDIES Global Golf Campaign

Solheim is the only person to be inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame as a golf club manufacturer. PING will partner with UPS in this initiative, developing PING Moxie G junior clubs and other golf gear for the kids. As an extension to UPS’s desire to support grassroots golf, the ‘Bags for Birdies’ campaign will be brought to life across a selection of international markets in 2016. About PING:PING designs, manufactures and markets a complete line of golf equipment including metal woods, irons, putters and golf bags. This sound was the source of the name now synonymous with innovation, quality and service throughout the world of golf.

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UPS Integrad Opens In McKinney, TX

The new UPS Integrad® facility bolsters UPS’s growing portfolio of advanced training sites, increasing the pace of preparing UPS drivers to serve customers safely and efficiently. “UPS Integrad next generation curriculum teaches drivers time-tested work methods in an experiential learning setting,” said Joe Finamore, UPS vice president of Global Leadership and Talent Development. “UPS customers have come to expect superior service from their UPS driver,” said Craig Wiltz, president of UPS’s Red River District. Since the first UPS Integrad site opened in Landover, Md., in 2007, UPS has seen dramatic improvement in safety, production and service indices, as well as workforce retention. UPS Integrad training uses a mixture of 3-D computer simulations, webcast learning modules and traditional classroom instruction to complement activity in a controlled environment to reinforce safety, delivery and customer service training.

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Conselho Administrativo de Defesa Econômica Upholds Unconditional Approval of FedEx Intended Acquisition of TNT Express

Conselho Administrativo de Defesa Econômica Upholds Unconditional Approval of FedEx Intended Acquisition of TNT ExpressMemphis, Tennessee; Hoofddorp, the Netherlands – March 30, 2016 – FedEx Corporation (FedEx) (NYSE:FDX), FedEx Acquisition B.V. (the Offeror) and TNT Express N.V. (TNT Express) jointly announce that Conselho Administrativo de Defesa Econômica (CADE) has rejected the third party appeal of the unconditional approval of the Offer previously announced on February 18, 2016. Conselho Administrativo de Defesa Econômica Upholds Unconditional Approval of FedEx Intended Acquisition of TNT ExpressThis is a joint press release by FedEx Corporation, FedEx Acquisition B.V. and TNT Express N.V. in connection with the recommended public offer by FedEx Acquisition B.V. for all the issued and outstanding ordinary shares in the capital of TNT Express N.V., including all American depositary shares representing ordinary shares (the Offer). On a daily basis, TNT Express delivers close to one million consignments ranging from documents and parcels to palletised freight. This announcement does not constitute an offer, or any solicitation of any offer, to buy or subscribe for any securities in TNT Express N.V. TNT Express made €6.9 billion in revenue in 2015.

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FedEx Releases 2016 Global Citizenship Report

FedEx Releases 2016 Global Citizenship ReportVehicle Fuel Efficiency Goal Reached Five Years Early, More Than $1 Billion in Jet Fuel SavedMEMPHIS, Tenn., March 29, 2016 — FedEx Corp. (NYSE: FDX) announced today the online release of its 2016 Global Citizenship Report (GCR), which details the company’s commitment to connect the world in responsible and resourceful ways. Among the highlights of this report, FedEx Express announced that it has surpassed its goal to boost vehicle fuel efficiency by 30%–some five years early. EnvironmentFedEx entered into an agreement with Colorado-based Red Rock Biofuels to purchase alternative jet fuel made from wood waste. The FedEx Fuel Sense team is charged with identifying efficiencies across the company’s aviation operations. The Solar Energy Industries Association ranked FedEx 12th for generating capacity and 18th for number of solar energy sites in this year’s “Solar Means Business” report.

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USPS immortalizes Sarah Vaughan

Sarah Vaughan ProfileSarah Vaughan was born on March 27, 1924, in Newark, New Jersey. “As one of the most compelling vocalists in American history, Sarah Vaughan was renowned for her artistic eloquence. The ceremony was held in her hometown at the Sarah Vaughan Concert Hall at Newark Symphony Hall. “The Postal Service is proud to honor Sarah Vaughan,” Stroman said. Postal Service today dedicated a Forever Stamp honoring Sarah Vaughan, one of America’s greatest singers.

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UPS Breaks Ground On New Technology Center

US 03/29/16Parsippany, New JerseyNew technology facility designed to house 1,000 workersUPS (NYSE: UPS) today announced construction of a new global technology development center in Parsippany, NJ. “Each year, UPS invests approximately one billion dollars in technology,” added Juan Perez, UPS senior vice president of technology. UPSers at this new location are part of the company’s global team that conceived, designed and developed industry-leading technologies that UPS customers use every day like UPS My Choice®, UPS CampusShip®, UPS WorldShip®, UPS® Tracking and other visibility tools. “This new facility will provide a collaborative setting for the creative team developing the UPS technology of tomorrow.”"We are proud UPS will be developing this state-of-the-art technology facility in New Jersey further demonstrating a firm commitment and faith in the state as a place to live, work and do business," said Governor Chris Christie. In demonstration of UPS’s commitment to sustainability and the environment, the facility was designed by HLW International to be LEED certified.

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UPS Hosts ACE Export Webinar on March 31

Speakers include Pierre Clement, UPS Customs Compliance Manager; Rob Gonzalez, UPS Customs Brokerage Manager; and Greg Maddaleni, UPS Customs Brokerage Manager. This is the third ACE webinar UPS has hosted and will focus on the changes to U.S. export compliance. US 03/22/16Atlanta, GAUPS will present a webinar on U.S. Customs and Border Protection's (CBP) Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) update on Thursday, March 31, 2016 at 4:00 p.m. EDT. This approach is designed to provide all parties, including CBP, Partner Government Agencies and companies additional time for the transition. Formerly scheduled for Feb. 28, CBP implemented a staggered approach with the first mandate beginning March 31.

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FedEx Introduces Global E-Commerce Solutions Under FedEx CrossBorder

FedEx Introduces Global E-Commerce Solutions Under FedEx CrossBorderRe-launch of Bongo International Marks Expansion of FedEx Global E-commerce PortfolioMEMPHIS, Tenn., March 22, 2016– FedEx Trade Networks, the international freight forwarding arm of FedEx Corp. (NYSE: FDX), today announced the re-launch of Bongo International as FedEx® CrossBorder . FedEx CrossBorder is a subsidiary of FedEx Trade Networks, Inc. and is comprised of innovative e-commerce cross-border enablement capabilities. “FedEx CrossBorder expands the FedEx portfolio and provides e-tailers with opportunities to ship locally and grow internationally. “Customers are looking for ways to tap into e-commerce markets internationally, and FedEx CrossBorder helps provide that access,” said James R. Muhs, president and CEO, FedEx Trade Networks. About FedEx Trade NetworksAs the international freight forwarding arm of FedEx Corp., FedEx Trade Networks connects 95 percent of the world’s gross domestic product (GDP) with its comprehensive suite of solutions.

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UPS Expands Operations At Ontario International Airport

US 03/22/16Ontario, CANew technology-driven sorting facility to process international air volumeExisting ground package sorting facility to double capacity and add jobsUPS (NYSE: UPS) today announced the addition of a new sorting facility and the expansion of its existing building at Ontario International Airport. The expanded ground sorting facility will be retrofitted with automated sorting systems and have twice the package processing capacity. Construction of the air sorting facility was completed in September 2015. The new building will process urgent, time-definite UPS Next Day Air® packages and will feature automated sorting capabilities. The expansion of the existing ground sorting building and addition of new automation technologies is currently underway.

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