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UPS Expands Alcohol Shipping To Consumers Around The World

Using one of the UPS Express™ shipping services, wine connoisseurs can have their favorite cases of wine shipped directly from the vineyards to their home. UPS is helping wineries reach consumers living in 24 of the top 35 wine importing countries, and distilleries in 9 of the top 25 spirit importing countries. The UPS shipping system helps wineries, breweries and distilleries avoid delays by uploading all of the required alcohol-related documentation for each country electronically. The UPS Exp

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DHL launches suite of semiconductor logistics solutions

This suite of services covers the entire value chain from inbound to manufacturing facilities through to final distribution to end users and provides end to end visibility of products, full compliance with international regulations and maximum security of sensitive... DHL combines competencies and capabilities under DHL Semiconductor Logistics to provide a full suite of end to end supply chain solutionsLaunch of the Global Capital Support Center for semiconductor equipment moves with dedicated teams in Europe, Asia Pacific and the U.S. Dynamic industry outlook: Semiconductor market to grow by 16.8 percent in 2017 surpassing first time value of 400bn US-Dollar, but correction is expected in 2019DHL is revamping its logistics offering for the semiconductor indu

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The UPS Foundation To Award More Than $7.7 Million To Promote Global Diversity & Inclusion

US 07/28/17Atlanta, GAGrants Focus on Social & Gender Equality, Access to Markets, Skills Development and Education ProgramsToday, The UPS Foundation, the philanthropic arm of UPS (NYSE: UPS), announced it will award more than $7.7 million in global diversity and inclusion grants to 39 organizations. The grants will support economic empowerment, initiatives to empower women and girls, and, workplace inclusion. The UPS Foundation grants will help the organization scale its program to reach 100,00

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UPS Reports 2Q EPS Of $1.58 As Revenue Grows Across All Segments

2Q 2017 2Q 2016 Revenue $9,745 M $9,015 M Operating profit $1,395 M $1,233 MFor the U.S. 2Q 2017 2Q 2016 Revenue $3,163 M $3,077 M Operating profit $583 M $613 M Currency-neutral operating profit* $697 MFor the International segment in 2Q 2017:Operating margin was industry leading at 18.4%, and operating profit was $583 million, including anticipated currency headwinds of $114 million. Currency-Neutral Revenue, Revenue per Piece and Operating ProfitWe supplement the reporting of our revenue, rev

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The impact of digitalization and status of the supply chain profession are driving a global talent shortage crisis

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that jobs in logistics are estimated to grow by 26 percent between 2010 and 2020. Lack of development: One third of companies surveyed have taken no steps to create or feed their future talent pipeline. DHL, the world’s leading Logistics Company, called upon industry leaders to recognize the growing talent gap crisis in the supply chain sector. Furthermore, one global study estimated that demand for supply chain professionals exceeds supply by a ratio of 6:1, with some predicting that ratio could be as drastic as 9:1.DHL surveyed more than 350 supply chain and operations prof

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FedEx Office Expands Presence with Third Washington University Location

FedEx Office Expands Presence with Third Washington University LocationNew Location Provides Additional Access to Manage Customers’ Printing and Shipping NeedsPLANO, Texas, July 26, 2017—FedEx Office, a world-class provider of convenient, state-of-the-art printing, packing and shipping services, celebrated the grand opening of its latest on-campus center today on the Washington University Medical Campus in St. Louis. Situated in the Clinical Sciences Research Building, this location marks the th

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UPS CEO Signs CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion™ Commitment

US 07/25/17Atlanta, GAUPS CEO David Abney signs the largest CEO-driven business commitment to advance diversity and inclusion within the workplace. “UPS’s numerous programs focusing on diversity and inclusion are critical components of our business strategy – they help to support growth and accelerate innovation,” said David Abney, UPS Chairman and CEO. Headquartered in Atlanta, UPS serves more than 220 countries and territories worldwide. The company can be found on the web at® or press

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Sharks surfacing at nation’s Post Offices

“While sharks may be scary to some, the prospect of a world without sharks is truly frightening,” said U.S. Postal Service Chief Human Resources Officer and Executive Vice President Jeffrey Williamson. As one of the nation’s oldest public service institutions, the Postal Service takes pride in using its stamps to raise awareness of important issues. The broad head of the hammerhead shark, represented by this scalloped hammerhead (Sphyrna lewini), has sensors that detect sand-buried stingrays. Th

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