International CR rating agencies confirm Deutsche Post DHL Group’s continued strong performance in sustainability management

For Deutsche Post DHL Group, these independent evaluations provide confirmation of its direction and efforts in this area. As in previous years, Deutsche Post DHL Group was the only company in its sector to receive this top rating. As a result, Deutsche Post DHL Group was once again listed in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI World, DJSI Europe). Sustainalytics Research rated Deutsche Post DHL Group “Industry Leader” with its second-place finish among 142 evaluated companies; the Group’s percentile ranking climbed to 99. Oekom Research awarded Deutsche Post DHL Group a C+ Prime Standa

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DHL Global Forwarding launches new air freight service for emergency logistics

This new air freight product offers forwarding customers a mission critical solution for emergency shipments. With benefits such as 24/7/365 pickup and delivery, collection within 120 minutes and quotations within 60 minutes, the DHL SameDay Speedline product will fill the gap for a much needed global expedited solution. A core strength of DHL SameDay Speedline are the 24/7/365 SameDay Contact Centers in the US, Singapore and Ireland, where each shipment is proactively monitored from origin to destination. Customers of DHL SameDay Speedline will receive customized milestone updates of their sh

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DHL expands European parcel network to include Hungary and Slovenia

Co-operation with the Slovenian Pošta Slovenije and the Hungarian Magyar Posta strengthens the cross-border e-commerce market and expands the range of services. Launched in September the partnership extends DHL Parcel Europe’s network for cross-border e-commerce by two additional countries. This expansion is in line with DHL’s strategy to accelerate the development of the European e-commerce market and to offer customers the best-developed infrastructure. DHL Parcel Europe is thus expanding its network, which is based upon defined DHL standards, to a total of eighteen European e-commerce marke

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SOS Children´s Villages manages risks with DHL Resilience360

By monitoring potential risks, such as earthquakes, floods but also political crises, DHL Resilience360 helps to prevent disruptions of the NGO´s operations and enhances fast reactions in case of a disaster. Alerts will be sent to gain visibility as a first step and to evaluate risks based on how close they are and their potential impact. DHL Resilience360 will also integrate satellite images, in partnership with the German Aerospace Center (DLR), into its platform to help SOS Children’s Villages assess emergency response options in areas where disasters such as flooding or earthquakes have ta

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DHL implements end-to-end supply chain contract with the Metropolitan Police Service to design, procure and deliver uniforms and equipment

DHL is perfectly positioned to deliver this as the dedicated team are vendor neutral, engaging with the appropriate market in a fair and transparent manner, whilst ensuring any copyright or intellectual property is vested with NUMS customers.”To support the design element, DHL has invested in a dedicated team of specialists, tasked with leading the NUMS Design Council, to improve product quality and functionality. Already, areas for improvements have been identified in items such as body armour and accessories for carrying or wearing essential equipment. Paul Richardson, Managing Director of S

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Promoting local community projects throughout the world: Deutsche Post DHL Group encourages employees to participate in the company’s sixth Global Volunteer Day event

Our GVD activities highlight the fact that when our employees join forces, not only do they donate their energy and skills to help their local communities, but they also grow together as a team. Entirely separate from GVD, more than 13,000 Deutsche Post DHL Group employees in Germany have volunteered to participate in initiatives to help refugees. Many activities take place in kindergartens and schools, while others take the form of job application workshops.However, others see employees volunteer to help people in need, becoming involved in restructuring efforts to rebuild homes in the wake o

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Deutsche Post DHL Group extends strategic partnership with Teach For All network to expand educational opportunity

Teach For All supports the academic development of children and adolescents, in particular of those from socially disadvantaged backgrounds. Deutsche Post DHL Group will support the network both through financial assistance and direct engagement of its employees. In 2015 alone, over 1,300 Group employees brought their professional experience and skills to bear in more than 100 partnership activities. The financial support provided by Deutsche Post DHL Group is used to further expand the Teach For All network worldwide and promote the work of these ten national partner organizations. Cooperative partnerships have been established with the strategic and global partners Teach For All and SOS Children’s Villages for this purpose.

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Deutsche Post DHL Group and United Nations Development Programme Hold Airport Disaster Preparedness Workshops in Bali and Lombok

“Following natural disasters, airports become vital hubs for the processing of incoming relief supplies,” says Christof Ehrhart, Head of Corporate Communications and Responsibility at Deutsche Post DHL Group. The training includes evaluation of the airports’ capacities for processing high volumes of passengers and cargo and warehousing relief supplies. GARD trainers and training materials are provided free-of-charge by Deutsche Post DHL Group while UNDP leads the project implementation and facilitates the coordination with the government authorities. GARD is an integral part of Deutsche Post DHL Group’s GoHelp program in which the Group pools all of its activities related to disaster preparedness and management. They encompass a worldwide network of more than 400 volunteers, all specially trained employees of Deutsche Post DHL Group.

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DHL rolls out global augmented reality program

More importantly, this technology is not just one step towards digitalizing manual processes on the shop floor, it also takes us one step closer towards Industry 4.0. Vision Picking enables hands free order picking at a faster pace, along with reduced error rates. Throughout 2016, the smart glasses will be piloted across various industries such as technology, retail, consumer and automotive industries. The data available from these pilots will further determine the technology’s potential for broader implementation. Goldman Sachs estimate in their base case $80 billion for both virtual and augmented reality by 2025¹, while M&A advisory firm Digi-Capital predicts a total volume of $150 billion by 2020².

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