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If you are shipping an item over 150 lbs. you will need to ship via a freight shipping company. There are literally thousands of freight shipping lines out there. So where do you start?

If you are new to freight shipping it can be confusing. We have taken much of the guess work out of shipping large items and loads with the discount freight shipping console for shipping large items and loads. The pre-screened freight lines included have a reputation for quality, on-time, damage-free freight delivery. Free, no-obligation quotes are available by filling out a short form.

In considering a freight line one should first consider quality. A discount freight shipping company sounds great but if they don't get the load there in one piece it's not such a great deal. Be sure the freight shipping company you select has a proven track record and offers ample insurance to cover your load in the event of damage. All reputable discount freight shipping lines will also be able to offer you references upon request.

The next thing to consider in freight shipping is transit time. How long will your load take to get there? This can vary greatly between shippers. Although some conditions are beyond the control of the freight lines including weather, traffic, mechanical failures, etc, most discount freight shipping companies can offer you a pretty accurate window of when your load will arrive at its destination. If the load is urgent consider a guaranteed discount freight shipping service which will expedite your load and refund you if it does not arrive on time.

Finally, cost is a consideration when shipping your freight. You'd be surprised how much freight charges can vary between the freight shipping companies. It really does pay to compare freight shipping rates as often an empty truck is available in the area which is looking for a load anyway. Freight shippers give heavy discounts to fill empty trucks.

To get quotes and shipping times from up to 16 pre-screened discount freight shipping companies start here.