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About Shipping Sidekick Shipping Cost Estimator:

If you are looking for a shipping calculator you've come to the right place. Shipping Sidekick will calculate shipping costs on virtually any shipment going almost anywhere. From small envelopes to huge freight shipments Shipping Sidekick is the leading shipping cost calculator on the web. Shipping Sidekick the web's leading USPS shipping calculator showing both domestic and international shipping rates to find USPS shipping rates. Shipping Sidekick is also a leading eBay shipping calculator. Perfect for eBay sellers to find the best price to ship their items recently sold or for eBay buyers to figure how much shipping will be on an item they just purchased on eBay. Shipping Sidekick also provides International shipping calculator resources showing both international shipping costs and domestic shipping rates. And Shipping Sidekick is a completely free shipping rate calculator saving you time and money on every item you ship also incorporating a Canada Post shipping calculator. Savings of 30%+ are common.